Bing Personalized Search

Following suit with search engines like Google, the search engine Bing will be offering personalized search results based on the user’s location and previous searches. Google has been using personalized search results for a while now, and Bing is now jumping on the wagon.

Users will notice 2 changes to their searches made on Bing. The first is location-based searches. For example, in the past where you may have searched for “coffee in Vancouver” to find the nearest coffee house, now you only need to type “coffee” and the Bing algorithms will use your current location, and bring you localized coffee results.

Secondly, it will show you results relevant to you based on your previous searches. For example, if Bing recognizes that you are visiting a lot of cancer-focused websites from Bing searches, and you search for “CCS”, it may present the “Canadian Cancer Society” website higher than the “Certified Customs Specialist,” even though both organizations are also known by the acronym “CCS.”

According to Microsoft, 76% of Bing searches are used to plan trips, events, or social gatherings, making location-based searches valuable to their user-base.

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