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We’re Nominated for Best Employer in the #SBBCAwards

We dig digital, and it shows. Every member of our 32-person team is an expert within the following areas: SEO, SEM, media buying, web analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, usability, technical integration and more. Members of our team are considered industry experts and are often asked to speak at local universities, industry associations, and other related events.

6S Marketing and Google hosting a breakfast event for new AdWords advertisers

Our reputation and award-winning culture attracts top talent to the company, in part due to our vibrant company culture. We have implemented active-living and green initiatives to better the lives of our employees, regularly participating in team runs and company-funded exercise classes. Professional ergonomic assessments provide us with customized ergonomic workstation solutions, treadmill desks, and height-adjustable workstations. Breaks to play FIFA 2014 or participate in an office-wide yoga session are encouraged. We frequently have team building events and spend as much time together outside of the office as inside.

Dressing up as chefs to support Taste of Yaletown

Team members cite flexible scheduling as an added bonus. The company is open to arranging hours around personal and family commitments, and employees earn flex days in addition to regular vacations.

6S supports and encourages continuing education through attendance at local and international industry events, as well as tuition subsidies for professional development programs. Education is a core focus in our culture; it keeps us ahead of the latest developments, and allows us to be flexible to the changing digital landscape. We attend industry events, visit the Google Campus annually, and take our Google Certified Partner exams to guarantee that our clients receive top-of-the-line expert service.

The annual Google Analytics Summit in Mountain View, California

Remember, we are a nominee in three categories for the Small Business BC Awards. You can vote for us here:

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Vickie Hsieh :Vickie is 6S's Marketing Manager & Cultural Lead. She spearheads 6S's marketing initiatives and assists the sales team with business development. She also manages the agency's social media communities. Vickie is a graduate of Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Applied Sciences. She is an avid traveller, aspiring yogi, and breakfast food enthusiast. Vickie currently lives in Toronto.