Shocker! Social Media Extremely Popular in B.C., According to New Survey

You likely have a favourite social media platform. Whether you’re an expert Tweeter, Tumblr pro or flourishing Facebooker, social media has evolved to create an option for everyone. So — what’s the province’s top pick? And just how much have we invested in social media?

Enough that two-thirds (64%) of the under-30 population agree “they would feel out of touch if they didn’t use social networking sites or apps regularly.”

6S Marketing sponsored an Insights West survey to reveal B.C.’s social media habits and preferences. Our survey reveals Facebook as the clear popularity champion, with two-thirds (67%) of B.C. adults using it weekly, and 50% daily. Second runner-up Twitter has one-fifth (21%) of adults visiting at least weekly. See the full list of weekly preferences in our graph below:

Predictably, use of social networking sites is higher among the younger B.C. generation. 76% of those aged 18-29 use Facebook daily – no big surprise.

As someone in that age bracket, I can attest that Facebook holds a pull like no other. 82% of this demographic admitted “they wouldn’t keep up with many of their acquaintances if it wasn’t for social networking sites,” and I feel this is the anthem of my generation — especially regarding Facebook. I don’t even post my own statuses very often (but Instagram uploads — that’s another story!). However, I still use it daily to keep up with friends from my hometown, see which films my favourite theatre is featuring or the latest offerings from a cool clothing store. It’s even good for geeking out and reading daily Oscar Wilde quotes (he has a fittingly immaculate Facebook fan page).

Another finding — B.C. women are significantly more likely to have heard of Pinterest than men (70% vs. 59%). I can see why; I mainly use Pinterest to collect recipes and DIY home-decor ideas, neither of which tend to hold mass appeal for the male population (or perhaps they’re just less willing to admit it). I confess that since moving out of my parents’ house, I’ve never bought a cookbook — why would I, when Pinterest and Tumblr have a gigantic variety with real reviews and modification suggestions? Pinterest, in particular, has also become the go-to wedding planner for our generation. When one of your female friends get engaged, you know to prepare yourself for the flurry of pinboards to follow.

Overall, I’m not surprised that nearly everyone within the province (98%) has heard of Facebook. With percentages like these, it’s clear that social media truly is the face of the future. Not convinced? You can view all of the detailed survey tabulations here and decide for yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about social media marketing for your business, read about 6S’s social media services.

If you’re also intrigued about the statistics of Canada-wide internet usage or some mind-blowing Canadian Facebook stats, be sure to check out those links too.

Now it’s time to add your opinion – what’s your favourite social media platform, and why? How do you use it in day-to-day life? Let us know in the comments!

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