What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Criteo’s Digital Campaigns

B2B, B2C, BRB, BB8 — we’ve heard our fair share of these acronyms, but do they deserve their relevance? Depending whom you ask, the answer is a resounding yes — and if you ask a marketer, the first two are still especially important.

Tactics aren’t interchangeable between B2B and B2C digital campaigns, as anyone who’s tried will likely tell you. Understanding the research process and demographics of the B2B consumer is key in knowing what kind of information they need when researching, and which mediums they use for knowledge vs. contact. The payoff is big — with 89% of B2B researchers finding their facts online, loyal followers have never enjoyed a smoother journey to convert into leads.

We speak with many B2B businesses who are unsure of how to scale their strategy to build both short-term visibility and long-term credibility. That’s why, together with our client Criteo and our partner Engine Digital, we’ve compiled a case study of top tips for B2B digital campaigns – with real-world examples straight from Criteo’s successes.

Criteo, an international company, used an integrated marketing approach to continue their expansion even more globally. Delve into our case study to discover top tips for B2B-based tactics including:

  • Marketing automation
  • Multi-lingual lead generation
  • B2B-targeted YouTube campaigns
  • Customer persona mapping
  • Paid search marketing and SEO

You may already know that over half of today’s B2B researchers are millennials who prefer their information displayed in a wide array of mediums — think video, search engine presence, email, and more. Plus, as LinkedIn cites, it’s no longer only the C-suite who affect major purchasing decisions. Plotting out every step of your target buyer’s journey will help you understand which people need what content, at what time. This will help determine a user content flow, which can be streamlined into your content management system.

That’s one tip among many. Read the full case study to see how Criteo’s success led to a 78% increase in conversion rate, and discover which takeaways can apply to your own digital campaigns.

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