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In our ever-evolving digital world, it’s not only adults who hold purchasing—and marketing—power anymore. If you’ve taken a look at our case study for Avery Binders, you know that Avery was able to capitalize on the back-to-school Binders and Dividers market using a variety of integrated digital market techniques aimed at the “mom market.” However, 6S Marketing additionally collaborated with Avery on a “Teen Test” — sponsored YouTube reviews from trusted, established teen bloggers. This “Test” proved a success: it revealed a new target audience for Avery Products in the teen demographic, highlighting their participation and power in purchasing back-to-school products. Now, we’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of this campaign.

While 6S Marketing crafted campaigns for Avery with mom-specific platforms and calls to action in mind, we were also hypothesizing about the younger generation’s role in product choice. Sure enough, our research showed that many teen vLoggers reviewed back-to-school supplies and clothes (called a “haul”) and that these videos were among their most viewed. Some had even already reviewed Avery Products organically.

After confirming the best online channels to test teen-specific messaging, we outlined the goals we hoped the “Test” would achieve. We wanted to identify the best teen influencers whose personalities and audiences aligned with the Avery brand, and leverage their influence to communicate campaign messaging in an authentic way. Some 6Sers got the chance to relive their formative years through browsing and reviewing YouTube’s realm of teen vLoggers! After careful consideration, we curated a list of our top picks, and following a branding briefing (with parental permission, of course), our vLoggers were ready to film their videos!

Lindsay: Beautybaby44

Lindsay’s authentic voice and her prior record of popular school supply “hauls” made her a top pick, in addition to her large preexisting social media audience.

  • YouTube: 313,000 views; 1,500 comments
  • 19,400 likes on Instagram; 298 favorites on Twitter
  • 3,073 contest entries

Molly: Missmollyanne14

Having previously positively reviewed Avery Binders organically, Molly was a top choice. Her bubbly personality and approach of responding to her many fans was an asset for driving engagement.

  • YouTube: 80,000 views; 620 comments
  • 1,400 likes on Instagram
  • 1,186 contest entries

Jordan: HowtobyJordan

Jordan’s crafty personality — she showcased how Avery Binders could be personalized using DIY skills — resonated with Avery’s values in providing a quality, customizable product.

  • YouTube: 50,000 views; 160 comments
  • 433 likes on Instagram
  • 332 contest entries

As the videos show, our Avery vLoggers each hold unique, authentic voices and perspectives on back-to-school preparation — matching Avery’s own values of reliability and customizability. This played a big part in their ability to resonate Avery’s messaging with their peers.

In support of the YouTube campaign, 6S used additional digital amplification. To fully leverage the videos, we ran:

  • Facebook amplification
  • Supporting posts on Instagram and Twitter, linking to video
  • Calls to action within the video encouraging viewers to enter Avery’s Back-to-School Sweepstakes

Our “Teen Test” not only revealed a new audience for Avery Products, but injected a youthful voice into the brand — one of excitement and enthusiasm for school supplies, in line with appreciation for the durability and longevity of Avery products. Ultimately, delivering the message from teen-to-teen rather than adult-to-teen was much more authentic; one YouTube commenter even gave Molly accolades for “teaming up with a really trusted and respected brand.”

We’re betting that online “teen ambassadors” could become a regularity for youth-geared brands. If you think your brand could benefit from Key Opinion Leader campaigns, get in touch.

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