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Julia joined 6S Marketing as a Marketing Coordinator after completing the Digital Marketing & Strategy program at RED Academy, where she also currently TAs. Being a quintessential millennial, Julia aspires to enthuse the vast audience of the internet through digital technologies. With a strong craving for knowledge, data, and new ideas, you will most likely find her reading up on current events and emerging technologies at a hipster café in Vancouver. She is often attempting to scheme up the next big idea to improve upon the world.

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Report: 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

2017 is a promising year for all things digital marketing — the online landscape will continue to evolve at a rapid pace that can rival New Year’s fireworks. Consider this article a countdown to cutting-edge developments: think augmented reality and…

Check Your Site’s Mobile Ranking Readiness in 3 Minutes

Last month, Google announced that they were testing their mobile-first indexing. This means that the search ranking on mobile devices will differ from desktop. This makes total sense, as mobile users have surpassed desktop users since 2014, you would want…

Cyber Attacks and Hacking: What You Need to Know

The culture of hacking has seeped into pop culture as well as real life. From Mr. Robot to the current American elections, email leaks and security breaches have become part of the regular news cycle, transforming how the general public…

Happy CRO Day!

In honor of Unbounce’s CRO Day, we thought we’d share some of our experiences with conversion rate optimization and landing pages, why we love it, and how we integrate these concepts with your overall digital strategy. Why CRO Works for…

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: Game On.

Since the inception of Snapchat a mere four years ago, it has taken the realm of social media by storm as the fastest-growing platform for social sharing. Here are a few factors as to why Snapchat is such a big…

The Google Speed Update: Page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search via @sengineland

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