Answers to your Google Analytics Premium Questions

Google Analytics launched Google Analytics Premium on September 29, 2011. Many questions arose with the launch of this product including what’s different about Premium; specifically the pricing structure. Below I have answered some of these questions.

Google Analytics Premium

Q: What kind of businesses would benefit the most from Google Analytics Premium?

A: Enterprise level businesses with large websites and heavy traffic.

Q: Which companies are using Premium already?

A: Gucci, Travelocity, eHarmony and more!

Q: What’s the difference between Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium?

A: Google Analytics Premium is designed to support you as your online business grows. You’ll need more data and insights to guide and support your business decisions.

  • Extra processing power so you can get more data, more quickly
  • Advanced analysis tools such as attribution modeling and more custom variables.
  • Dedicated Google service team providing custom training and support around the clock.
  • Service level agreement with regards to data collection, processing (data freshness) and data ownership

Learn more from the Welcome to Google Analytics Premium video:

Q: How does Google Analytics Premium charge?

A: An annual flat fee

Q: How do you enable Premium?

A: Contact either Google Analytics directly or a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller.

Q: Do I need to switch the current Analytics code on my site to a Premium specific code?

A: No. The Analytics team will enable the Premium specific features from the back end for you.

Q: If my business has multiple domains, would they count as multiple contracts or just one?

A: As long as together these domains don’t exceed a certain threshold of hits/month, it’s just one contract.

Q: Now that Premium’s launched, does that mean the regular Google Analytics will be ignored?

A: Absolutely not! The Analytics Team will continue to work on the standard product.

Have a question about Google Analytics Premium I didn’t answer here? Write them in the comments below and I’ll respond to your questions! You can also contact 6S to discuss your Internet marketing questions with one of our experts or visit our Google Analytics service page for more information.

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