Advertising Week Toronto Opening Breakfast

200 of Canada’s most creative and talented advertising professionals gathered at the Toronto Reference Library this morning for thebreakfast-mark-mcewan-advertising-week Advertising Week Toronto opening breakfast. To kick things off an amazing breakfast was prepared by Top Chef Canada’s Mark McEwan. A pretty wonderful and delicious way to start off the week! His creation was eggs benny, served on toasted brioche and paired with caramelized onion potatoes.  It was simply amazing.

After breakfast the keynote speaker, David Droga, Founder and Creative Chairman at Dro5a took the stage to discuss with Leslie Roberts from Global TV the status of Canada’s advertising and creative talents, what Canada could be doing better and what the future of the ad agency world holds.

When asked about the Canadian ad industry, Droga gave props to Canadians for not being “paralyzed” by the vast markets available to the US and UK markets and compared them to the Australian’s for the type of talent being produced. He also noted that our geographic ties with the US  are a huge benefit as we can learn from our US counterparts as to what not to do and what we can be doing better.

So what will make ad agencies better in the future?  It comes down to focusing on the quality of work being produced – a point he stressed throughout the panel and feels as though the majority of agencies have stopped focusing on and now focus on running the business, rather than producing honest, simple work for their clients.

He ended the panel by driving home the message that real conversations with a client will produce higher quality work. Don’t make the creative process complicated; get to the root of what your client is trying to communicate and the natural flow of ideas will come.

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