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A Birthday Wish from Google

On Wednesday November 24th, 2010 it was 6S Marketing’s 10th birthday and we received many, MANY, birthday wishes (and a huge thank you to everyone!). But one birthday wish stood out a tiny bit more than the rest.

To our surprise and excitement, our partner Google, changed their Google.ca home page doodle to a special birthday-esque image that was linked to a birthday page for 6S:

Clicking on the home page image took us to a re-vamped 6S profile page complete with birthday confetti!

Pretty cool right? I mean, how many people get a birthday wish from Google?! Well, if you have a Google profile, you can also get a birthday wish from Google. Sign into your Google account, and under Google Account Settings, click on edit profile, then Contact info. Add your birthday information then presto! Google will have its home page doodle wish you a happy birthday on your special day. There’s a catch though: you have to be logged in to your Google account to see your birthday doodle.

Chris Breikss :Chris focuses his time on business development and leading the sales and marketing team at 6S Marketing and Sheng Li Digital. He heads up research and development of new digital marketing products. Chris is a frequent public speaker and has spoken at various Google Partner events globally, and has instructed on mobile marketing at the University of British Columbia. Chris has recently moved back to Vancouver from New York City.

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