6S’s Jenn Lowther Featured in the Vancouver Sun

Jenn Lowther, Director of Social Media, was featured in the Vancouver Sun today “CYBERHYDRA: How the maze of social websites reveals our selves online”. The full page article discusses how people’s online and offline identities have started to blend into each other.

From the Article

Jennifer Lowther isn’t quite like a certain other Jennifer, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt, whose every move is recorded by paparazzi. But still she has to be mindful of her image when she steps away from her computer and into the world.

“I’m just starting to see my online life permeate my offline,” said Lowther. “It is slightly weird when you are recognized by strangers.

“I know when I get to any event, I make sure that my makeup is done, my hair is done – I learned the hard way that people take pictures when I’m not ready.”

For Lowther, the coverage that could end up in blogs, on Flickr or Facebook, on YouTube, in comments on Twitter or any of the other social networking venues of the online world. [The original article has since been removed from the Vancouver Sun website.]

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