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When the North Shore News last checked in with 6S Marketing, its founders were operating out of the solarium of a 26th-floor apartment in Yaletown.

And though they may or may not have mentioned it in their interview, they were on a steady diet of Kraft Dinner.

“We had just started the company, and we were ex-dot-commers,” says Chris Breikss, who co-founded the company with childhood buddy and fellow North Vancouverite John Blown. “So we worked in Internet marketing for other companies, then decided right after the dot-com crash to start an Internet-related company, which was the opposite of what everyone else was doing.”
Convincing investors that an Internet marketing firm was a good idea proved nearly impossible — particularly as many equated the term with pop-up ads and e-mail spam.

“I think our biggest investor was my mom — she bought my computer,” says Blown.

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