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6S Welcomes Amber Turnau to the Team!

This post was written by Amber Turnau

Social media is like surfing a wave. We’re riding on a living, breathing shape-shifter that transitions beneath our feet at a moment’s notice. The only thing we can depend on is the element of change and we must be nimble and strategic to stay upright.

Ever passionate about connecting and storytelling, I’ve been surfing the social web wave in some form or another for more than 10 years and have seen online communities ebb and flow along with technology and innovation.

Over the years, my passion for the social web has grown as its impact on the globe deepened and my life has changed because of it. In recent years, my social media activities have landed me my last two apartments, my dog, countless new friends, wonderful adventures, and even my current job at 6S.

I come to 6S Marketing from Whistler Blackcomb, where I had the privilege of navigating through the unchartered waters of social on behalf of the brand for five years.  During my time in Whistler, I nurtured WB’s online community as it grew to 150,000-plus members across multiple platforms. Through disruptive platform changes, trial and error and lessons learned, we developed a transparent and engaging social media program from the ground up, setting the social benchmark for the ski industry.

As social media matured, so too did our understanding of how to integrate these new channels into our marketing strategies. I had the pleasure of working on a number of successful seasonal campaigns that used high-quality content as a catalyst for brand awareness and engagement.

At the end of the day, social is just that. The ROI comes when you create touch points for each stage of the consumer decision journey through meaningful social connections with past, present and future customers.

I’m delighted to join 6S as a social media project manager and I look forward to continuing my work in social media as we ride this wave together.

Follow me on Twitter (@amberturnau and @6s_marketing) as I navigate the social frontier 140 characters at a time.

Chris Breikss :Chris focuses his time on business development and leading the sales and marketing team at 6S Marketing and Sheng Li Digital. He heads up research and development of new digital marketing products. Chris is a frequent public speaker and has spoken at various Google Partner events globally, and has instructed on mobile marketing at the University of British Columbia. Chris has recently moved back to Vancouver from New York City.