6S Socialerts: Facebook’s Consolidated Ad Platform, Instagram Stories Updates, and Pinterest’s 40% Growth

We understand the digital marketing world is busy and that things are always changing. To make your lives easier, we collect the top social media updates along with tips on how to add them to your strategy.

1) Facebook Ads updates

Facebook Ads is changing in the name of progress! Updates include a consolidated ad platform that combined Ads Manager and Power Editor features. As for the ads, Facebook introduced a new format for its Collection Ads. Finally, Facebook removed little-used boost post options on September 15. Uncommon boost options included “share of comments”, “sports events”, “change of profile picture” and more.

Facebook is trying to make the Power Editor and Ads Manager merger as easy as possible for marketers. There is no change to how you access the ads platform. However, Facebook will opt you into the workflow you normally use. If you prefer to switch the workflow, that’s possible too with the flip of a switch. Enjoy the ad creation and reporting in one fixed place!

Facebook's Consolidated Ad Platform

In the past, Collection Ads relied on videos to help retailers drive sales. The original format places a video on top and four recommended products below. Retailers benefit from the new lifestyle template since it brings their catalog creative to mobile. Also, extra features allow advertisers to tag products in the images and place “store locator” cards at the end of the ad. Any engagement with the ad allows you to create a “high intent consumer” custom audience. Who doesn’t like another custom audience to play with? Expect these new tools to roll out globally in October.

Facebook Collection Ads

2) Capture 360 photos on the Facebook app

There are no additional apps required to take 360 photos on the Facebook app. When you go to make a post, simply select the “360 Photo” option and follow the path outlined on the screen. From there, either post the photo on your timeline or make it your cover photo.

Facebook 360 Photos

360 photos within the Facebook app present unique content opportunities for your business. If you’re in real estate, you can easily capture an open house and share online quickly. If you deal in tourism, share the areas that make your location unique. Work in entertainment? Share the energy at the event you’re working. Don’t forget the best of your 360 photos can even serve as interactive cover photos. The possibilities are almost endless!

3) Instagram Stories updates

Instagram Stories got some new capabilities that are sure to delight marketers. First, you can choose Instagram Stories as a placement for Facebook Canvas ads. Second, use your organic Stories as ads across Facebook or Instagram campaigns. What’s better? After importing a Story to Ads Manager, camera features like face filters are still accessible.

Instagram Stories is so popular because it’s still authentic. It’s important to preserve the authenticity in any ads that use Stories as a placement. Using past Stories as ads could be a step in the right direction. This update also allows you to get more purpose and longevity out of the content you created. Facebook Canvas ads appearing in Instagram Stories demonstrates the desire to incorporate more interactive elements on the social network. As long as those interactive elements still appear organic, they should perform well.

InstagramUploadingToolSugarfina from SocialTimes on Vimeo.

4) Multi-photo Instagram post improvements

Instagram’s multi-photo posts just got more flexible! Before you had to force images into squares. Now you now have the ability to choose landscape or portrait formats. However, whichever format you choose, you do have to stick with it for the other photos.

Instagram's carousel with multiple formats

Clients that rely on mini galleries of scenic shots will enjoy this new feature. There’s no longer pressure to choose the best section of a photo. While the update is useful and presents more options, we’re still waiting for the day when you can mix your formats.

5) Pinterest reports 200 million active users and 40% growth from 2016

Pinterest reached a big milestone this month. Pinterest reports more than 200 million monthly active users. Even more impressive is their 40% growth from last year. The social network has flown under the radar, but it’s worth another look. Currently, there are 100 billion pins, mobile usage increased and it grew beyond the U.S. market. Popularity is picking up! Pinterest plans to invite select users to help beta test new features.

We still think brands should be selective when adopting Pinterest. The social network works best for certain companies. For instance, if you deal in fashion, beauty, food, or travel then Pinterest is good to invest in. As always, Pinterest adoption depends if your team has the capacity to manage it.

Changes in season, changes in social. While you were away on summer vacation, social media didn’t sleep. September’s not even over and the social updates are coming in strong! Make sure to play with the new features and tools while you await some later launch dates.

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