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We understand the digital marketing world is busy and that things are always changing. To make your lives easier, we’re collecting the top social media updates and presenting tips on how to add them to your social strategy.

Instagram tests new “Archive” feature

Most brands experiment with their Instagram feeds to find a theme. Low-lit, blurry, bordered, and overly filtered photos — we’re all guilty of these “insta-sins” at some point. Yet, not all old photos justify deletion. Luckily, Instagram is testing a new “Archive” feature. Archive lets you remove photos from your feed and store them in a private gallery, with the ability to restore them in their original order.

For brands, this is an opportunity to remove photos that don’t follow their dream theme. It’s also a good way to test a new theme. For instance, if your best photos appear scattered in your feed, archive photos to see what the best look like together. Beautiful and curated feeds can still take advantage of this useful feature. Archive poor performing photos to save as a reference.

Want to get started? Select a photo and click the three dots in the top right corner. In the pop-up menu, select “Archive” and you’re done. Perfect timing, too — now is a great time to do a little spring cleaning!

Instagram's Archive Feature

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm challenges low-quality websites

Like you, Facebook is sick of fake news sites! So, Facebook reworked its news feed algorithm to show fewer posts that link to low-quality websites. What qualifies as low-quality? It’s any website that users find misleading, sensational, or spammy.

There’s no time like the present to start fact checking your sources. Facebook’s improved news feed algorithm favors more informative posts and they say publishers sharing high-quality links may see a slight increase in traffic. So, how do you identify legit sources from their lesser counterparts?

Let the checklist below be your starting point. As a responsible thought leader, you want to do your part to eradicate fake news. Not only will your audience appreciate the reliability, but Facebook’s algorithm will reward you too. Start checking!

  • Consider the source — Snopes.com has a lengthy list of known fake news sites
  • Read beyond the headline
  • Check the author
  • Check the date
  • Is this a joke? Satire sites like The Onion trick people all the time
  • Consider your biases: If an article confirms your biased beliefs, dig a little deeper

Pinterest applies visual discovery to advertising

Ever search for something only to see suggestions for things that don’t interest you? Pinterest has a solution and used its visual discovery technology to improve Promoted Pins. Utilizing machine learning, Pinterest learned to identify over one billion objects. Each time a user identifies a part of an image, the technology gets smarter.

Before you cry “Skynet!”, consider how this benefits your brand. All the collected data is interest based, so Pinterest delivers your ads to people in the market for something similar. The more the technology learns, the more your ads will pop up in relevant search results.

Sound like a dream come true? Don’t know where to start? Join a Pinterest Webinar! There are three webinars scheduled in June and all focus on Pinterest advertising campaigns.

Instagram Story ads expand beyond reach objective

Instagram Stories are picking up in popularity and marketers want in! Instagram limited ad objectives for Stories to only “Reach”. Now, you can create Instagram Story ads for video views, traffic, conversions, and mobile app installs.

Ben and Jerry's Instagram Stories Ad

Brands looking to experiment with Instagram Stories need to understand the intent behind the popular feature. Instagram users like Stories because they provide a personal and exclusive view into a brand. Accounts benefit when they use Stories for limited time offers, special announcements, and more. Imagery also looks better on Instagram Stories versus Snapchat since you can upload files that are produced professionally.

Knowing the above, you want your ads to seamlessly fit into the rotation. Your ads shouldn’t feel like ads, so invest in the imagery or video you produce. Otherwise, users are likely to skip through them.

Facebook introduces lifetime value custom audiences

Facebook advertisers get a new toy to play within Ads Manager. Only available to select advertisers, Facebook introduced lifetime value custom audiences. If you’re unsure of what a lifetime value is, it’s the total amount of revenue you earn from a customer over the lifetime of your relationship.

Every customer is important, but you have to admit not all are equal. Customers who return have a higher value than one time shoppers. Yet, Facebook requires context to assess which customers have a higher value. This new update gives you a column to include those customer values. Assigning proper values is an essential first step. Done properly, you end up with a targeted custom audience — a great seed for your lookalike.

If you want to try this new audience, you must assign values manually (not via Facebook pixel). Also, base your values on dollar amounts, including a range, and never assign negative values. Once you upload your list, you’re all set to create a lookalike audience.

Whether it’s tailoring your social presence, your audience, or customer experience, customization was a big theme in this instalment of the latest social trends. We’re sure the platform updates will see some tweaks throughout the next while. Rest assured, we’ll be watching and ready to report more!

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