6S Socialerts: Facebook’s Video Cover Photos, Instagram’s Sponsored Posts, and More

We understand the digital marketing world is busy and that things are always changing. To make your lives easier, we collect the top social media updates along with tips on how to add them to your strategy.

Facebook experiments with cover photos

The importance of imagery and video on social media is unquestionable. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Facebook updated cover photos — a prime piece of visual real estate. First, Facebook is testing page descriptions over cover images. Second, video cover images are expanding to more users to try.

So far, description overlays are not flexible enough to justify use. You can’t control the placement of copy, the text is white, and the call-to-action button appears on top of the image. As a result, your graphic designer has to adjust for more limitations.

However, the video cover photos present amazing opportunities. Use the video cover photo to share products, launches, locations, promotions, and more. The update is not available to everyone yet. So, get ahead of the game and start brainstorming ideas around your future campaigns.

Mock up Facebook ads in Creative Hub

Organizing creative assets for social ads is a challenge, especially when you work with many parties. Hearing marketer cries, Facebook introduced Creative Hub. Goodbye, zipped files — hello, consolidation! This new tool lets creatives mock up ads in one place. Once ads are ready, team members “deliver” them to the rest of the group to apply audiences and launch.

Access Creative Hub under the “Plan” section in your Business Manager. We bet your team will appreciate the streamlined process.

Snapchat introduces Snap Map

Snapchat isn’t going away without a fight! This past month, Snapchat released Snap Map, a tool to help users find their friends. Snap Map also helps users discover activity around the world. Displayed as a heat map, areas that have more snap activity show up as “hotter.”

If you find it hard to keep up with Snapchat posts, it’s time to revise your strategy. Consider using Snapchat only for special events, breaking news, or promotions. You want to appear on the map because you’re on fire, not because you’re spamming people.

Instagram introduces transparency to branded posts

Influencer marketing got more legit with new “sponsored content” tags on Instagram. Content on Instagram looks more editorial than ever, and sometimes it’s hard to separate organic from sponsored. Transparency not only helps users scrolling newsfeeds, it benefits the sponsoring businesses too.

Along with tags, Instagram introduced insights for sponsored posts. When an influencer uses the sponsored tag, the sponsor can check the post engagement. The new tag tool is only available to select accounts. However, Instagram plans to share the update with the public in the coming months.

Facebook battles fake news

Facebook’s not punishing us, but it is updating its API in a pretty significant way. Soon, we won’t be able to change link metadata, such as headlines, descriptions, and images. The update comes as an effort to stop the spread of false news across the platform. As bothersome as the update is, think of it as an opportunity to clean up your website’s metadata. Your SEO will thank you in the long run. For any sub par links you curate, return to older practices. Link to websites in the copy, use a link shortener, and apply your own image.

Christmas came early for some lucky social accounts! If you’re still waiting on some updates, keep an eye on your profiles. In the meantime, experiment with the ones you currently have access to and find what works for you.

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