6S Socialerts: Facebook Goes Borderless, YouTube Partners With Ticketmaster and More

We understand the digital marketing world is busy and that things are always changing. To make your lives easier, we collect the top social media updates along with tips on how to add them to your strategy.

1) Facebook Breaks Down Borders for Advertisers

Facebook without borders kicked in with new updates to make branded content easier for fans to view outside of their country. The updates included dynamic language optimization, multi-country lookalike audiences, multi-city targeting, and cross-border business insights.
According to Facebook, there are 1.2 billion users connected to small businesses in other countries. Your business is missing out on a big opportunity by not trying to reach those other audiences. Use dynamic language optimization to better match your customers with their respective languages. To find the best potential customers, create multi-country lookalike audiences to resemble your current fans. Experiment with multi-city targeting to reach customers in cities of a certain population size. Finally, gain insight into comparative country data based on past campaign performance.

2) Facebook Introduces Budget Optimization Tool for Advertisers

Managing your budget across many ad sets can be challenging at times — especially if you experiment with audiences and creative, and do this for multiple clients. Facebook wants to make the job easier by introducing a budget optimization tool in the coming months.
The update may not be available yet, but it’s good to understand how it will operate once available. Say goodbye to manually shifting your budgets around. The tool allows you to set one central campaign budget and optimize the spend across ad sets by allocating the budget to ad sets that perform the best in real-time. Once launched, the tool is available to every campaign objective. This has to be at the top of our Christmas lists!

3) Facebook Ads Transparency Hits Canada

For once, Canada gets first dibs to try out a new Facebook feature, and this update is big. This past month, advertisers noticed a new “View Ads” tab that allows you to see ALL the ads set up by a Business Page on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Ad performance and targeting are not available for viewing, but an overview is accessible.
Understandably, this update makes advertisers nervous. The thought of competitors stealing your advertising ideas is enough to make anyone cringe. However, this “snooping” goes both ways. Once available to you, it’s a good idea to make “View Ads” a part of your competitor research. Similar to investigating competitors for posting frequency, engagement or industry trends, “View Ads” is a great opportunity to learn from your competitors’ advertising effort and experimentation.

4) YouTube and Ticketmaster partner for ticket sales

YouTube and Ticketmaster came together for an integration that makes perfect sense. Artists’ music videos on YouTube now have ticket sales displayed below the videos, giving artists another chance to entice fans to attend their concerts. The feature is only available for American tour dates. Sorry, Canada!

The partnership was not YouTube’s first idea for integrating ticket sales into its platform, and Ticketmaster’s integration isn’t exclusive to YouTube either. However, it’s a smart move as platforms such as Spotify work harder to provide added value to artists in the form of analytics. A global rollout of the new feature is in the works— until then, we have to wait to experiment.

The weather is cooling down, but the competition is heating up. Companies expect their marketers to be on their A-game for the holiday season. See which network updates can give you the edge you need to break through the social media pack.


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