6S Socialerts: Facebook Email Consent, YouTube TV Ads, and More

April showers bring May flowers and plenty of new social network updates! Facebook continues to introduce new regulations to protect user privacy and with the F8 Conference this month, updated privacy policies aren’t the only changes the network is working on. Here is the latest:

Email Consent Required for Facebook Custom Audiences

As a good marketer, you’re working hard to build up your other sources of data — namely your email lists. We suggested this tactic last month as a precaution since Custom Audiences are great for retargeting fans and create reliable Lookalike Audiences. However, you’ll need to keep an eye out for Facebook’s developing feature — a Custom Audience Certification Tool. Technically Custom Audience consent is not a new requirement, but to enforce responsible use of data, Facebook is closing loopholes and will require advertisers to confirm the data in a Custom Audience was responsibly sourced. It’s unclear how this will affect Lookalike Audiences.

What should marketers do? The new feature doesn’t exist yet and it’s unclear what the requirements will look like. It’s not too soon to react though. If you haven’t already, update your privacy policy to clearly state that when people opt-in to your email list, they also opt-in to your social advertising. As another option, you can include an opt-in checkbox to your sign up forms for that social advertising. It’s always possible people want to receive your emails, but not your ads.

YouTube Introduces a New Way to Reach Your Audience

Fewer people may pay for cable, but plenty still flock to YouTube for video content. It wasn’t long ago that mobile viewership exceeded desktop, but lately, YouTube sees the return to television screens for a better viewing experience. As a result, YouTube plans to release a TV screen option for Google Adwords and DoubleClick Bid Manager. The decision comes after an Ipsos Lab Experiments Study found that YouTube TV ads drove 35% purchase intent.

What should marketers do? It’s time to test! It’s easy to say your other video ads will translate across all platforms, but that might not be the case. People visit different platforms for different experiences. For instance, a YouTube video doesn’t always work on Instagram (i.e. length, graphics, content). Especially with a bigger screen to work with, investigate how you can rework your video ads to suit a YouTube audience and stand out.

Pinterest’s New Features Help the Visually Impaired

Accessibility is a growing topic of interest in digital marketing. It affects everything — the colors a brand uses on their website, the placement of buttons, and more. Luckily, Pinterest (a very visual platform) is making improvements to their platform for the visually impaired. Pinterest partnered with an organization that helped them improve their screen reader support, increase their color contrast, add focus indicators, and type sizing options.

What should marketers do? Even if you’re not on Pinterest, this is a fresh reminder to optimize your content across all your platforms. People without hearing impairments also benefit from captions in videos (few people turn sound on in a public space). Don’t make your audience squint when they try to read the type on a graphic. Lastly, image descriptors only help your content appear in more search results.

Facebook introduces 3D photos

In addition to dating profiles, Instagram video chat, Oculus TV, and more, Facebook announced 3D photos at the F8 Conference.  While Facebook has a 360-degree photo feature, it’s not clear how they plan to bring 3D photos to life. The feature will be made available in the coming months.

What should marketers do? It’s not clear how a user creates these 3D photos, but it’s not too early to consider if these photo updates impact your brand. For instance, if you work in real estate or tourism, this could be an opportunity to showcase a building or attraction in an immersive way. We’re sure investing in good photography is an essential first step to prepare for 3D photos.

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