6S Socialerts: Facebook Dynamic Creative, Instagram Polls, and More

We understand the digital marketing world is busy and that things are always changing. To make your lives easier, we collect the top social media updates along with tips on how to add them to your strategy.

1) Instagram Polls in Stories

As if Instagram couldn’t get any better, this past month they introduced polls to Instagram Stories. Simply swipe up on your photo or video story and select the “Poll” option. From there you can set your answers to remain “yes” or “no”, or completely customize the answers.

As fun as this new interaction is, we’re marketers and of course, this presents so many opportunities. Get creative with your polls to engage your audience a whole new level. Try crowdsourcing opinions from your audience on specific topics related to your brand. Finally, use this as a platform for quick market research. Ask yourself what you could learn from the poll that could apply to your paid targeting. Now if only you could create custom audiences out of the participants.

Polls in Instagram Stories

2) Twitter doubles the tweet character limit to 280

Twitter surprised the world when the platform decided to increase the character limit of a tweet to 280. While the update isn’t available to everyone yet, Twitter is preparing for a global rollout. We’re sure plenty of Social Media Managers rejoiced at the news, while the other half hope Trump’s team is in the dark.

With great power comes great responsibility — especially when a fun new feature rolls out. Even though you’ll soon have the ability to post longer tweets, should you? Due to short attention spans and the competition on news feeds — less is more. Concise copywriting is always preferable, so use your 140+ character limits sparingly.

Twitter's increase to 280 characters

3) Snapchat Context Cards

In the case of Instagram vs. Snapchat, competition is truly the driver of innovation. With Instagram in Snapchat’s rearview mirror, Snapchat recently launched Context Cards. Context Cards provide more information for locations when users tag them. This also applies to venue-specific geofilters. Users can swipe up for reviews, contact information to book reservations, and more. Snapchat partnered with TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Uber, OpenTable, and more to provide this information and services.

For any venue-specific businesses, it’s a good time to audit your displayed information. Ensure your hours and contact information are up to date. In addition, make sure you have some form of reputation management to manage your reviews. This feature just added a whole new audience waiting to discover you.

Snapchat Context Cards

4) Facebook Dynamic Creative matches imagery with audiences

It sounds too good to be true, but Facebook is testing the answer to your marketing prayers. Dynamic Creative aims to match the best combination of creative with the intended target audience. Marketers will be able to select the most appropriate photos, title, descriptions, and more. Think of all the time this will save having to set up all the different combinations of ads for testing.

Now, we all want a piece of the action, but this is a slow roll out and only available through Facebook’s marketing APIs at the moment. Unless you have a dedicated Facebook rep to request a trial, keep this on your radar.
Facebook Dynamic Creative

The only thing scarier than Halloween is when marketers don’t adapt to the changing environment. Let these new updates breathe a little life into your campaigns and inspire new ideas.

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