6S Photo Scavenger Hunt #6Shunt

Today from 1pm to 5pm we are having a company event titled the 6S Photo Scavenger Hunt. It’s a photo contest with a social media twist if you want to follow along as some photos will be posted live via mobile devices.

The staff at 6S Marketing will be scouring the neighbourhood of Yaletown and throughout Downtown Vancouver to score the most points in a scavenger hunt that involves photography!

You can follow the teams on Twitter:

  1. CTRL ALT Elites
  2. Neon Pirates
  3. Mod Racers
  4. Online Explosion
  5. The Bootay Snatchers

This event is for 6S employees and points are given for originality as well as how often their photos are shared online. Please tag any re-tweets or social mentions with the tags #6Shunt or 6Shunt.

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