6S’s Men of Movember

There are an increasing number of handlebars in the 6S office. Nope, not bicycles— these ones are of the facial variety. The gents of 6S are grooming great ‘staches to raise awareness about prostate cancer. We’ve even compiled a photo gallery to illustrate all the nicks and stubble along the way. If you are perticating in no shave november, make sure to visit manscaped for all your beard grooming needs.

“As a man,” account manager Phil Caines explained, “untreated prostate cancer is one of the most fatal cancers. It affects one in six men throughout their lifetime, which is quite significant. Cancer does run in my family, so I participate in a number of charities like this.”

“But it’s a cancer with one of the highest chances of being treated,” fellow account manager Julien Simon added.

True enough. So far, the mighty Movember movement has raised over $301 million in global funds. The money is put towards Prostate Cancer Canada campaigns, which increase the chance of early detection—something that’s helped the father of 6S’s co-founder, Chris Breikss.

“My dad Peter was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year,” Chris explained. “Luckily, the doctors caught it early-ish, so it’s not short-term life-threatening. That being said, it could have been caught earlier through early detection and awareness.”

Enter the Proctologists, 6S’s Movember team, who are eager to raise such awareness. Winners of 2011’s Best Vancouver Team, the 6S men raised over $21,000 last year. A wine and cheese night, silent auction and some stellar costumes all contributed to their success.

“It’s my fifth year doing Movember and it’s great to see it growing in popularity every year,” said Ed Carbery, Internet Marketing Strategist. “It does a fantastic job in raising awareness for men’s health issues. As well as prostate cancer, this year’s Movember is also raising awareness about male mental health initiatives”.

Another great issue to support. Of course, there’s also the glory of growing your own stylized ‘stache.

“I’m going for a pencil moustache—thin lines,” Phil said, while Julien summed up his desired style in one word: “Creepy.”

“This year I’m doing the handlebars…last year was the Magnum P.I,” added Ed.

And the best thing about Movember (besides supporting a great cause)? “It’s an annual camaraderie club,” Phil revealed. “There’s recognition of each other as we walk through the streets – like ‘Oh my God, your moustache is awkward, you must be in the same fraternity as me.’”

“Plus you don’t have to shave every day!” Julien finished.

So show your support for these hard-working MoBros. Donations can be made through the Proctologists’ Movember page. Take a look through our Instagram gallery, too—we’re all about having fun for a good cause!

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