6S Acquires Motive Communications to Expand Social Media Division

We’ve got big news. 6S has acquired Motive Communications, a Vancouver-based social media agency. Along with Motive, we’re bringing on Mitchell Fawcett as our new VP Partnerships and Social Strategy. We’re investing in a social future for our agency, and it couldn’t look any brighter.

L-R: Mitchell Fawcett, VP Partnerships & Social Strategy; Chris Breikss, President & CEO; John Blown, Managing Director


We’ve been saying “we dig digital” around here since day one of 6S in 2000. Over the years, that has meant a lot of different things — especially in the most recent decade, thanks to friends like Mark, Jack, Kevin, and, most recently, Evan. We’ve done some cool things with social recently, especially in the paid space, but it’s time for us to do more, and think bigger.

As an agency, we’re at our best when we can offer our clients an integrated array of services. Social media has become such an influential piece of the digital pie, and we know that it’s going to help our clients achieve their goals, and take them to the next level.

The acquisition of Motive has given us access to creative resources, systems, processes, data, and proven social media methods. We’re also excited to welcome Motive’s client roster to the 6S family. We’ve now got capabilities and resources to take social further than ever before.

Mitchell Fawcett joins the team

Introducing Mitchell Fawcett

Mitchell has worked in the social space all the way back to when you needed a university email address to join Facebook. After working in-house for some major brands like Westin Hotels & Resorts, he founded Motive Communications 4 years ago. His agency’s work caught our eye early on, and as neighbors here in Yaletown we were able to keep close tabs on him (although of course, he didn’t know it at the time). Our courtship started a couple of years ago when we were able to tap Motive’s expertise on some key social projects. Now we’re excited to make Mitchell an official part of the 6S family. He’s going to lead our new social media division, and he’s got an awesome vision for it.

In May, we also hired our newest strategist Carolina, who has made a fantastic addition to our social media dream team.

An enviable array of social media services

Using the combined experience and digital prowess of Motive and 6S, we’re now armed with an extensive new menu of social media services. Everything we’ve designed is with our clients in mind, and how we can help them achieve their goals.

We also pride ourselves on offering fully customized services. Social media is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll work to understand your goals and resources, then provide a tailored solution for the win.

Read more about our social media services here.

How can we help you get social?

Let’s talk! We’d love to hear your social media dreams and how we can help. Contact us here.

To see the official press release announcing the acquisition, click here.

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