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6 Weeks of Green

You’ve probably already heard about 6S Marketing’s commitment to green initiatives. We’re always looking for new ways to improve — that’s why we launched ‘6 Weeks of Green’ this summer.

Our staff were divided into six teams. Each week, a new group introduced the office to the clean/green/healthy living initiative of their choice. Execution of the plan was completely up to the group — the only rule was that everyone in the office got to benefit from it. Check out the highlights!

Week One

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This pineapple tree is hardy enough to survive indoors (although light from large Yaletown windows does help!) and will provide us with our very own pineapple harvest to enjoy at the end of the season. Did you know pineapple is one of the world’s healthiest foods? It boasts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.

Week Two

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It was time for a commuter challenge. Week 2 team, The Gang Greens, thought up a great commute-centric contest. Teams were awarded points based on various methods of commuting — carpooling, walking, transit, biking. At the end of the week, the team with the most points won a Chia Pet gnome that sprouts an appropriately verdant beard.

Week Three

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We all need a little blood-sugar boost throughout the day. This week, Team Extreme Green provided healthy snacks for employees – crunchy kale chips, chickpea blondie bites, detoxifying green juice, and blueberry chia pudding (no harm was done to the Chia Pet, promise).

Week Four

Many store-bought cleaning/personal care products contain chemicals which harm our bodies and ecosystems. That’s why Week Four provided the office with DIY alternatives — from soap nuts to all-natural fruit fly repellant. Here’s Ed’s grandad’s recipe for aftershave.

Take: 3/4 cup distilled water
add 1/4 cup witch hazel
add 2 tbsp lanolin
add 2 drops clove oil
then add 1 tbsp aloe juice or gel

Add to a bottle and mellow for 2 days. Shake before you apply.
Warning: May get you some unwanted attention from the ladies.

Week Five

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We’re lucky to have a professional yogi in our midst. Kari moonlights as a teacher at Open Door Yoga and led us through some fantastic moves and meditation throughout the week. We also upped our cardio with an after-work run around the seawall.

Week Six

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The final team turned the office into energy-saving mode. Reminders were sent out about shutting off boardroom lights and computers during lunchtime. Whenever someone forgot to turn off the lights, they were sent an email with the above photo as a friendly reminder.

Have you been incorporating any green/health initiatives into your lifestyle? Share them in the comments!

Sarah Brown :Sarah is an MFA student at Concordia University. A talented creative writer, she provides blogging and copywriting services for 6S and our clients. Sarah enjoys playing the piano, doing yoga, and anything cat-related.

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  • Well done 6S. Thanks for putting good vibes out into the world.

    Another high-impact area worth considering is striving for zero waste or at least radically smaller garbage pails that are emptied infrequently. I found this path to be an effective way to find mindful, creative and healthy solutions to a variety of everyday unhealthy habits.