#5PayForward – How 6S Marketing Created a Mini Social Video Movement in 1 Afternoon

Social Video has taken the campaign world by storm in 2012, as illustrated by one of our recent blog posts. Brands are leaping onboard and holding on for the ride as they toy with social video apps like Social Cam and Viddy. Early adopter companies include Red Bull, Southwest Airlines, General Electric, and Lifeproof phone cases. Even celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jessica Alba are embracing social video.

One of the most noteworthy campaigns was General Electric’s GE Lights campaign, where they invited  users to upload photos to Instagram or videos to Viddy with the hashtag #GELights. The campaign synced across all digital platforms, including Promoted Tweets, Facebook applications, website and email, Instagram, YouTube and Viddy. Entries and voting is closed and the winners were announced today.

With this in mind, the 6S Marketing team decided to put social video to the test. How could we create a small social video movement, and engage our staff?

First, we conducted an internal learning session where we helped educate the 6S Marketing team on the social video and how it is being used.

Then, we divided up into teams, giving each team $5 to “pay it forward”. To complete the 5 Pay Forward movement, we filmed the charitable actions and uploaded to the 6S Viddy account using the hashtag #5PayForward.

Watch what happened next by clicking on the image below and check out our campaign landing page: 5payforward.com

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