5 Tools To Make You a Better Digital Marketer

5 Tools That Will Make You a Better Digital Marketer

In the digital marketing world, everything moves at the speed of technology. It’s hard to keep on top of things, let alone manage everything thatcomes your way throughout the day. Here are five tools that will help you manage your digital marketing so you can be a better digital marketer.

1. Rapleaf

Target market creation and segmentation are two of the largest – and the most time-consuming – components of a successful marketing strategy. However, tools such as Rapleaf are making it easy for marketers to identify the exact demographics of their email marketing databases. This avoids much of the guesswork when trying to identify target markets and build buyer profiles.

Information such as buyers’ education, net worth, occupation and marital status – and even their interests in books, art and culture – can now be obtained by uploading your email marketing database to Rapleaf. Using this and other similar services will help you to segment your database more effectively, as well as target subscribers with information that they are truly interested in and, more importantly, will respond to. Check it out at rapleaf.com.

2. HootSuite

There are many, many social media management tools out there, but I think HootSuite is the easiest to use. In my opinion, HootSuite’s best feature is Publisher, which allows users to schedule tweets and provides advanced monitoring tools. And HootSuite Teams, which is offered in the Pro and Enterprise plans, makes tweets available to an organization’s entire team of HootSuite members. This helps to prevent duplication of messaging and keeps coworkers who are responsible for social media within an organization up-to-date on what messaging will be sent and when.

Plus, HootSuite integrates with third-party services such as MailChimp, Facebook and WordPress, making digital marketing management easier all around. Three hoots for the sweetness that is HootSuite!

3. Radian6

Not as much a social media monitoring tool as it is a listening tool, Radian6 offers a robust way for brands to listen, measure and engage in online conversations and buzz surrounding their brand – and a powerful way for companies to report the ROI generated by social media activities to their C-suites.

Radian6, which is now owned by Salesforce.com, integrates into many Salesforce.com products, creating a closed-loop marketing, CRM and social-media-ROI-reporting powerhouse!

4. Social Media for Salesforce.com

We’re big Salesforce.com users here at 6S. In fact, each and every employee here has a Salesforce user licence, not just our sales team. A cool social media app launched last year allows Salesforce users to pull recent Twitter conversations into Salesforce, resulting in the associated Twitter profile being created as a sales lead. This is especially cool for sales team because they can now see – within Salesforce – exactly what their prospects are talking about. Plus, early conversations on Twitter can easily be shown as a lead generation source. Closed-loop marketing can now include Social CRM!

5. Wildfire

For businesses with small marketing budgets and the need to demonstrate ROI on everything, monetizing your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn communities is a challenge. Wildfire makes it easier for small businesses to do just this.

Wildfire integrates with your social networks and features a promotions builder, page manager, message management tool, analytics and a monitoring platform. Promotions run through Wildfire can include contests, coupons, group deals and sweepstakes. These types of promotions can often be expensive for small businesses to set up and run, but with Wildfire, running a campaign starts at only $5.00 per promotion.

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