5 Things to Avoid Doing After Hiring an SEO Company

You have decided to hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company. You are off to a good start because you have followed the 5 steps to take before hiring an SEO company. However, there are a few things you must be careful to avoid in order to have a positive and strong SEO campaign:

1) Avoid becoming a self-proclaimed SEO expert

I stressed the importance of educating yourself about SEO in the previous article. So hopefully you have done so, and are now very excited about the possibilities that lay ahead! However, there is a risk that you become “too educated” and start interfering with the campaign in place. Educating yourself is necessary for you to understand what the SEO team wants to do. But remember, you have hired experts, let them do the work. It works as a two-way street:  your SEO company will tell you about their plans before they implement changes for you, and if you would like changes made you should discuss them with your SEO company first.  It could be helpful for your site, but it could also negate the efforts from the SEO team and make it worse. While your enthusiasm is appreciated, it’s also very important to keep in open communication on both sides before any changes are made.

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2) Avoid changing your mind often

SEO needs stability and consistency. Changing your mind every week isn’t healthy for your SEO campaign. They say patience is a virtue, and that change takes time. Your SEO company is making actions in your best interest, and it can take time to see the impact of those changes.  So it may take some time before something implemented produces the expected results. So wait before you decide to throw that away and try something new. Give it some time and tweak smaller details instead of starting things from scratch.

3) Don’t become a ghost

You think you have done your share of the work already. You have educated yourself on SEO, completed an extensive amount of research and hired an SEO company that you trust. It doesn’t mean that you can now forget about SEO completely.  Not answering emails or voicemails in a timely manner will result in slowing down your SEO campaign and delaying expected results.

There are at least 2 very important reasons you should stay in touch with your SEO company:

  • A good SEO company will consult you before any changes are made, minor or major. Lots of SEO changes require feedback from the business owner or the person responsible for the website because it could change your website structure, the look and feel and/or its content. It could potentially change the message delivered across your website. We need to make sure you are okay with the SEO efforts.
  • You know your company and your industry better than we do. That knowledge is very important in the success of your SEO campaign and we may need to pick your brain, especially at the beginning.

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4) Avoid Micro-Managing

You can easily slow down your SEO campaign by micro managing it and spending too much time in meetings and phone calls. You must give your SEO company the time they need to get to work on your campaign and run things smoothly and efficiently.  A good SEO Company will keep in touch and keep you in the loop with weekly follow-ups and updates.

5) Avoid being content with “good enough”

You spent a lot of time on the SEO project so far and your website is on the first page of search engine results for some of your key terms, you have seen some of your chosen goals convert and even got some business out of your website. Don’t stop now! I have seen too many business owners be satisfied with “good enough”. While your website is on the right path, there is always more than can be done, other keywords to rank for, improving some rankings from 6th to top 3, doing A/B testing to fine tune some conversions etc…you have started to gain trust from Google and other search engines, take advantage of it, keep on improving your website and remember: Good is the worst enemy of great.

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If you can avoid the mistakes described above, I’m sure your SEO project will run very smoothly, and will result in a better return on investment for you. If you have questions about your SEO, contact 6S Marketing.

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