5 Reasons Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Business Page

Did you know that LinkedIn has company pages similar to Facebook business pages? LinkedIn also has 85 million users most of whom are in the business community. Below I’ve outlined some cool LinkedIn business pages functionality that Facebook business pages don’t have.

Product and Service Spotlight Banners

LinkedIn gives you an option to upload 3 banners that rotate on your business page homepage. You have the ability to tag the URL’s for each banner with analytics using the Google URL builder so that you can track exactly how many visitors your LinkedIn page refers to your website. This gives you a very interactive and eye-catching way to advertise and promote your business, while still driving traffic back to the important pages on your website.
Linkedin business Page Banner

Different Pages for Different Audiences

My favorite feature, and something that Facebook business pages do not allow you to do,  is create multiple versions of your page for different audiences based on their profile. With LinkedIn pages you can create a version targeted to people in the United States and another one for those in Canada. This makes it easy to create geographic-specific promotions that your company may have running. You can offer coupons or special incentives to customers in different target areas without worrying about the offers crossing paths and mixing signals. You also have the option to create a default version so you can promote the same content & promotions to everyone.

Service Promotion

LinkedIn pages have a service area where you can post content about your services, service highlights, an image and even a special promotion. Sales people, or experts for that particular service, can be listed and contacted directly on LinkedIn by pulling in their personal LinkedIn profiles (as shown in screenshot bottom right). This gives any interested prospects on LinkedIn a direct link to your company’s sales people. Links to the service on your company’s website can be added so the LinkedIn member can go directly to your website for more information.


Request Recommendations

Requests for recommendations can be sent to other LinkedIn members that have used your services and have worked with your company. Think of this as a cross between Facebook “Likes” and Yelp business reviews. What’s really neat about this feature is that recommendations do not have to come from people who have profiles on LinkedIn; by coding the LinkedIn recommend button into your own website, website visitors can recommend your company and write a testimonial that will appear on LinkedIn without them ever having to be a LinkedIn member.

Page Analytics

LinkedIn offers business page analytics reporting for page views, unique visitors, clicks on products & services and your member growth over a years time. You can drill down to specific pages within your LinkedIn business page to see these metrics and also specific links in contact, promotion and banner areas. You can also compare your LinkedIn business page to similar companies within the same industry.

LinkedIn Analytics

Since 6S Marketing began using LinkedIn service promotion features earlier this year, our LinkedIn page views and unique visitors have continuously increased (as shown above) and members following our business page have continuously increased as well.

Why create a LinkedIn business page for your company? Besides the increase in LinkedIn followers and their engagement with our page, we’ve also created new business contacts and have expanded our reach with many more companies we may not have been able to if we did not have this communication medium to do so.

Will promoting your company on LinkedIn result in business? Think of LinkedIn as a tool to keep your company “top of mind” with other key decision makers at other companies. Using LinkedIn will likely result in business – but think of it as a long term strategy where building a “top of mind” brand awareness is the main goal.

We offer LinkedIn business page services such as creation, set up and LinkedIn advertising to our clients; contact 6S to find out about a custom LinkedIn business page for your company.

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