5 Mobile Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

Is your business well connected with the growing population of mobile users? Here are five mobile marketing tactics you can implement to ensure that you are visible to your mobile customers:

1. Make your website responsive

It’s amazing how quickly things change in the digital world. In the past two years the conversation has gone from “Which content should I put on my website?” to “How can I give my visitors a mobile-friendly experience?”5 Mobile Tactics You Should Be Using

This is thanks to responsive website design. When a website is programmed using CSS3 media queries it formats for the device that is viewing it (e.g., iPad, iPhone, Android or desktop).

Consider user behaviour on a mobile device. Users expect the same experience and content they find on a desktop, but serviced in a mobile environment – in their car, on the beach, on their sofa or in front of their TV. Of course the content is still important. However, in a mobile environment, the user’s browsing experience and access to that content must change.

2. Mobile and local SEO

This year, Google announced at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) that responsive Web design is the search engine’s preferred option. No matter which device your user is on, paying attention to their experience is the most sustainable approach to SEO. Outside of a responsive design SEO best practices still apply.

Because mobile devices are used while the user is mobile, focus should be on localized search results when implementing a mobile strategy.

List on Google+ Local

First there was Google Maps, then Google Local and then Google Places. Recently, Google combined Google Maps business listings with its social network Google+, resulting in Google+ Local.  This combination integrated business ratings, reviews and the social aspect of Google+ into one powerful platform.

Listing your business on Google+ Local is crucial because it is growing faster than Twitter and Facebook. If you already had a Google Places listing for your business it should have been automatically transferred to Google+ Local.

Local directories and sites

Yellow Pages

Google Maps takes business listings from Yellow Pages. Ensure your service provider sends your business listing to Yellow Pages so Google Maps can access your information. This will help to rank your website locally.


Yelp is an online city guide, which consumers use to locate businesses or read business reviews. Add your business listing to Yelp and encourage customers to write reviews about your products and services. Your Yelp listing will be available to users searching on their home computers, and on their mobile devices via the free Yelp app.


Foursquare is a social media site where users can “check-in” to your business. The person with the most check-ins at a particular business becomes the “Mayor”. Businesses reward their mayors, further reinforcing customer loyalty.

3. Mobile advertising

Advertising platforms such as Google AdWords feature click-to-call mobile advertising, text ads, banner ads and local-based mobile ads to help consumers locate local businesses. These types of mobile advertising are extremely cost efficient, and operate on the cost-per-click or call model. Since you can run these ads in the Google AdWords platform, tracking the activity from these campaigns is done directly in Google Analytics and the AdWords platform.

4.  Mobile-friendly emails/newsletters

Many of us read email on-the-go. If an email is too graphically intensive, or not easy to read on our mobile device, we may skip over it. The chances of us opening that email again once we get to our laptop or desktop computer is slim.

5. Participate in social media

People commonly post status updates to social media sites from their smart phones. While waiting in line or during their lunch hour, they may check their favourite social media sites for the latest gossip or info from people and businesses they follow. By simply interacting and maintaining an active presence, you are visible to these mobile consumers.

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