3 Ways to Optimize Promoted Tweets

Edit: Learn about how the developments in Twitter’s New Ad Center can further optimize your Tweets!

Twitter’s Promoted Products advertising platform is the perfect tool to drive real action and interaction during a cross-platform marketing campaign.

The Promoted Products team has released a number of very interesting updates over the last few months that allow for interactive marketers to get creative and hyper-segmented on their campaigns.

There are 3 main options for Twitter’s Promoted suite: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends.

Our focus has been on the Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts products, which help perpetuate the Twitter Amplification Cycle:

The 6S team spent some time working on the ad platform during our recent digital amplification campaign for the Topshop Canada store launches in Vancouver and Toronto. Here are 3 tips we recommend for Twitter advertising success:

Budget Diversification

While every campaign is different, we found that there is a certain budgeting formula that seems to work well when executing a Twitter campaign. By front loading account growth and then focusing on amplifying messaging to existing followers and those like them, you are setting the campaign up for best success.  Here’s a recommended budget breakdown to get you started:

  • 20% of budget towards Promoted Accounts front loaded at the start of the campaign to grow the audience
  • 70% of the campaign budget towards Promoted Tweets in Timeline to connect with followers and other Twitter users similar to them
  • 10% of budget towards Promoted Tweets in Search to own specific hashtags and keywords related to your brand or your campaign

Campaign Management

The beauty of Twitter’s new advertising offerings is the opportunity to provide hyper-segmentation of the audience. Here are just some audience targeting options to create a granular campaign that reaches individuals with the most relevant content:

  • Geography – Marketing to the United States offers up the opportunity to target right down to the city, while Canadians can be targeted at the country level.
  • Demographics – The new gender targeting is a windfall for marketers, allowing content writers to create Tweets likely to resonate with their audience at an even more granular level.
  • Interest Layering – Allows you to select interest categories and sub-categories, as well as Twitter handles of users who your audience would be interested in.

The best part of all is that you can segment your Promoted Tweets to be viewed only by your target audience and not your entire follower base.

Adaptive Marketing

I was really inspired by Antony Young’s recent post about What Marketers Can Take from the Presidential Campaigns’ Best Tactics. He referenced how the Romney and Obama campaigns were able to move nimbly to adjust to their campaigns using digital media to amplify and adapt messaging on the fly.

Twitter is perhaps the best Adaptive Marketing tool, and Promoted Tweets allow for campaigns to be fast-moving, dynamic and loud. This also emphasizes the importance of refreshing tweets daily, if not several times per day. Here are some ways to adapt your Twitter campaign on the fly:

  • Pinning new tweets to the top of your feed on a frequent basis and ensuring there is a consistent call to action is sure to help your digital campaign gain momentum and social chatter.
  • The Twitter ad team allows you to “White List” other influential Twitter accounts that you interact with on a frequent basis, which enables you to Retweet their posts and then promote the RT.
  • Capitalizing on Twitter trends that tie in with your campaign or industry is a great way to stay current and get the word out about your campaign. There is no better example than how Samsung was able to leverage the trending #iPhone5 Twitter hashtag to playfully promote the Galaxy S III.
  • Nothing is set and stone and you should be prepared to adjust your copy and content based on what is resonating with the Twitterverse.

Read our previous blog post on How to Get Started with Twitter Advertising. How are you using Twitter’s advertising platform? Tell us in the comments below.

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