Teasers for 2016’s Top 16 Celebrity Studded Super Bowl Ads

Oh boy, companies are still spending huge money on Super Bowl ads with this year’s spots going for $5 million+, not including the expensive celebrity endorsements. Sure, it’s a quick way to reach 120 million viewers, but the ads get more and more expensive every year. Can you imagine what these companies could do with that budget online with a dynamic content marketing strategy and some slick marketing automation? We still love them, though — why not spend a few minutes watching the most talked about celebrity-endorsed Super Bowl ads of 2016.

Snickers w/ Willem Dafoe (as Marilyn Monroe)

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for Bud Light

Drake for T-Mobile

Apartments.com w/ Lil Wayne & Jeff Goldblum

Amazon w/ Alec Baldwin

Kia featuring Christopher Walken

Skittles and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

LG Electronics Actor starring Liam Neeson

Avocados from Mexico ‘starring’ Scott Baio

Shock Top Beer and Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller

BMW and Serena Williams

Mini Cooper Soccer Star Abby Wambach

Hyundai Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart (Rumored)

Arnold Schwarzenegger for Mobile Strike

Wix.com and Kung Fu Panda

Squarespace Key and Peele

(coming soon)

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