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Taking the Challenge: 100K for $100K

As you may already know from viewing past blog posts, 6S Marketing is an active office. Give us the chance to partake in athletics, and we’ll almost always be up for it. When we heard about imagine1day’s latest fundraising event, 100K for $100K, we jumped at the opportunity to actively participate.

So what is it that we signed up for? The 100K for $100K event asks participants to challenge themselves with the health and fitness goal of going 100 km over 30 days with the option to donate on four different levels (all of which are surprisingly reasonable). 100% of the money raised goes towards providing science labs, libraries, and early childhood education classrooms in Ethiopia. While this alone is enough motivation to participate, we have decided to highlight some of our own reasons as to why we wanted to join in the fundraising event:

Kari: I’m doing it because I love to be active and the thought of helping to provide access to education to children who might not otherwise be so fortunate. That makes the sweat and burn on km 25 all the more worthwhile.

Kristen: I joined the imagine1day 100K challenge because I think that true change happens one step at a time (literally). I want to support their charitable model because not only will this help to improve a community in Ethiopia, it also works to empower the entire community involved.

Sarah: I’m participating in 100for100 because I love that the activities can be varied – even walking to work counts towards the overall goal.

Amber: The 100K for $100K is a great catalyst to create positive change by doing simple activities that I’m already taking part in on a regular basis. Why not turn actions I’ve adopted for my own personal benefit and make them count towards something much more meaningful?

I chose to participate in #100for100 because I want to help make great things happen, to inspire and be inspired.

April: I am partaking in this fundraising event because it is such a simple and easy way to give back to those less fortunate while also giving myself some well-deserved exercise. It also makes you appreciate what we take for granted.

And what is my personal reason for participating? After graduating high school, I took the challenge to move to a rural town in Uganda and work in a sponsorship office. Seeing the opportunities generated for those where education had been made available has left a lasting impression. The efforts that imagine1day are making to elevate Ethiopian communities through the foundation of education is inspiring and resonates deeply with me. So to be able to run, walk, swim, why even hop 100km and make a change in a little person’s life — well, that was more than enough reason for me to sign up and get moving.

For more information visit 100kfor100k.ca

Vickie Hsieh :Vickie is 6S's Marketing Manager & Cultural Lead. She spearheads 6S's marketing initiatives and assists the sales team with business development. She also manages the agency's social media communities. Vickie is a graduate of Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Applied Sciences. She is an avid traveller, aspiring yogi, and breakfast food enthusiast. Vickie currently lives in Toronto.