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6S Marketing 10 Year Anniversary Tribute Video

The team at 6S Marketing created a video tribute video for our 10th Anniversary that features a compilation of video clips from employees, friends and families. They share their memories and short stories about what it is like to work at 6S and also their thoughts on 6S Marketing co-founders Chris Breikss and John Blown. The video was first shown at our 10 Year Anniversary Party at the New Oxford on February 3, 2011.

Short URL to the YouTube Clip: http://youtu.be/Im5OxBpaFLUv

Chris Breikss :Chris focuses his time on business development and leading the sales and marketing team at 6S Marketing and Sheng Li Digital. He heads up research and development of new digital marketing products. Chris is a frequent public speaker and has spoken at various Google Partner events globally, and has instructed on mobile marketing at the University of British Columbia. Chris has recently moved back to Vancouver from New York City.

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  • Congrats Chris and John on building a first-class company and developing such a fantastic work environment and team. Cheers to many more years of 6S!!!

  • Congratulations Chris & Jon, what an amazing video - your team really loves you, tells a lot about who you both are. glad i have had the chance to get to know you both and look forward to many more hang-overs in years to come.... GO Burt Reynolds :)

  • Congratulations Chris and John and all the team members on the first 10 years. I am happy to have been one of your early clients. Keep up the energy and good work.