10 Things I’ve Learned The Hard Way About The Internet

Yesterday I hosted a webinar called “10 Things I’ve Learned The Hard Way About The Internet” where I talked about my experiences over the last 10 years of running a digital marketing agency.
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A recording of the webinar is now available online for the next 90 days on iLinc.

Chris Breikss WebinarYou will need to provide your name and email address in order to access the webinar but once you have completed the registration you will be able to view the PowerPoint presentation with full audio and live chat archive. The webinar is approximately one hour in length and features my candid thoughts on how we bootstrapped our startup and in 10 years grew it into the successful digital marketing agency it is today.

If you don’t want to register for the full version of the webinar you can download the “light version” of “10 Things I’ve Learned The Hard Way About The Internet” as a PowerPoint on SlideShare without the audio and chat archive.

Here is some of the feedback on the webinar;

H. McLennan: “This is one of the best most honest and transparent presentations I’ve heard”
S. Brown: “Got to love a bootstrap success story”
Natasha B: “Fake it til you make it!”
A. Todde: “Great success story Chris”
E. Wilson: “Great seminar, Chris. And thanks for using “media” and “medium” correctly.”
Tommy H: “You were great dude.”
Saeed A: “Great presentation Chris, thank you for your time and priceless insights.”
Susan G: “That is a great point, Chris (i.e. the importance of focussing/expanding on what works)…”
C. Barr: “Luv this one – thank you!”
Kelvin C: “Thanks for sharing all of these! Great webinar.”
Jessica K: “Excellent job!”
Olivier B: “Really interesting”
Roz M: “Thanks for the chat (: ”

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