April Yau,
Account Services Director

April Yau is an Account Services Director at 6S Marketing in New York. Previously, she was the Chair of the Company of Young Professionals, a professional development program for people under the age of 35 at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. If that’s not enough, April has also taught digital marketing courses at a design and tech school — because, why not share her talents?

She brings a holistic approach to all projects, tying in brand goals with project deliverables. Her expertise, years of hands-on experience, and depth of technical knowledge add incredible value to our agency. She truly digs digital, like no other.

Learn more about April in her own words, and discover her neighborhood picks in the city.

Q&A with April

How did you get started in digital marketing?

I had an unconventional path to my career. I was studying Pharmacy in Australia then realized that chemistry just wasn’t for me, making the switch over to digital marketing. They don’t sound related but they are – both about making sense of numbers. Digital marketing is the perfect balance between right and left brain since you can be creative in strategy but based on data (I love data!). In 2011, I started at 6S Marketing as an intern from BCIT’s Marketing Communications program. I fell in love with 6S after learning about the agency in a school project — cool culture, awesome people, and always the front of the latest trends.

What are you passionate about?

Expanding horizons on all levels through travel, networking, volunteering, and personal development. In order to be a good leader, you need to understand your “why” (thanks, Simon Sinek!). I also really enjoy public speaking, sharing experiences, and have been an MC, panelist, or host for various events, including talks at Google.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I’ve been really lucky to have great mentors in my life, helping guide and gain more clarity of my ambitions. I have personally experienced exponential growth in my career (and happiness) because of it so it would have to be no doubt helping others grow and find their “why”.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I have a huge passion for travel that has only grown with my fiancé working in the luxury travel industry. To date, I have traveled to over 20 countries. The Michelin guide is my bible so continuously knocking them off my list in whichever city I’m in. On a more serious note, I’m big on giving back to the community and support cancer charities since it took my dad.

Any fun facts about yourself?

Once, I bungee jumped three times in one day. I’ve also recently got certified to sail.

Where do you hang out in the city?

In SoHo, my favorite place to go for lunch near our office is by CHLOE (I love their Instagram account, too!). Jack’s Wife Freda is wonderful for brunch. The Ship is a great cocktail bar, and I like the rooftop bar at the James Hotel. And I’ll work out at Bar Method or Kula Yoga when I need to clear my mind.

Right now, my happy place is the rooftop pool and lounge at my building in Long Island City that overlooks Manhattan. And my favorite gem so far — discovering there is a Michelin-starred Mexican restaurant 15 minutes away from my apartment that was also featured by Anthony Bourdain.

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