Introducing Major Tom

Back in 2000 we started 6S Marketing with the goal to do outstanding work for our clients. We envisioned an agency that was honest, innovative and exciting to work with. And I like to think we’ve succeeded in that.

Of course a lot has happened since then. In the 18 years since we first opened our doors the ecosystem has evolved, and today digital marketing is more important for businesses than ever before.

We’ve changed too. Over the past two decades we’ve grown impressively in size, opened new offices in new cities across the globe and expanded our service offerings dramatically.

And we’re not done yet.

That’s why today we’re proud to announce the latest step in our evolution: the decision to merge with our partners over at Drive Digital to form a new agency: Major Tom.

A lot of thought and consideration has gone into the launch of and we’re delighted to finally be able to share it with the world.

But as we unveiled our new agency we also wanted to share a little bit of the story of how, and why, we took this decision.

What is Major Tom?

Major Tom is a full-service digital consultancy that marries strategic insight with impeccable execution. We’re the next iteration of digital marketing – an agency 2.0 if you will – that’s been purpose built to help our clients thrive in an increasingly complex landscape.

Marketing is evolving. Every day there are new technologies, new opportunities, and new tactics for companies to employ in order to engage with their customers.

But in this increasingly complex world it can be easy to lose your way. To use the old adage, it can be hard for organizations to see the forest for the trees.

So we decided to change their perspective.

Through Major Tom, we help clients to see the whole forest so that we can pick the right trees. This means that we can strategically identify the right platforms, tactics and technologies to help deliver their business objectives and then implement them.

It’s a holistic approach to digital marketing, a sophisticated solution designed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly sophisticated audiences.

Why now?

Sometimes in life you need to take a moment. An opportunity to step away from the day-to-day, to stop what you’re doing and instead look at things from a fresh perspective.

We recently had one of those moments.

Because of the natural overlap between our services we’ve always worked closely with our partners over at Drive Digital. We worked so closely together in fact that we actually incubated them when they first started out.

As technology has become increasingly intertwined with modern digital marketing, we found our two companies working together more and more, joining forces to harness the power of new opportunities to deliver incredible services for our clients.

We worked so closely together that eventually we decided to literally break down the walls between us, merging our two offices into one massive open plan space.

The more we collaborated the more we began to realize the potential for what we were doing.

Together we were building digital marketing solutions for our clients from the ground up. We weren’t just designing great websites, or creating successful campaigns. We were helping businesses to see the big picture, identifying and implementing holistic solutions that were specifically tailored to meet their goals.

Soon we realized it was time to knock down another wall, albeit a metaphorical one, and combine our efforts into a new entity that would deliver better strategy, better design, better results and a better experience for our clients.

The world looks very different today

As the name of our new agency suggests, Major Tom is about to change people’s’ perspective on the world of digital marketing. And as we complete our countdown and launch Major Tom, we’re incredibly excited for what comes next.

Whether you’re a client, a colleague, or a collaborator, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the role they’ve played in helping us to reach this exciting new chapter in our development.

We’re about to embark on a new journey, an opportunity to explore new frontiers and change the way people look at digital marketing, and we can’t wait to get started!