digital strategy

Can you identify the holes in your online marketing strategies?

Our experts can quickly point them out—and provide solutions.

Here at 6S, we promote the growth of your company through digital platforms. First, we’ll determine your target market and ideal channels based on detailed audience analysis, competitive analysis, and market analysis. We’ll make note of areas that need improvement. Then, we’ll create a chronological plan to execute your campaign on your ideal platforms.

Popular areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Media buying
  • Website improvement and search engine optimization
  • Utilizing Google Analytics
  • Formulating effective content
  • Blog posts and blogger outreach

With over 100 clients of varied industries on our retainer, we’re confident that we’ll create the perfect digital marketing strategy for your needs.

Our proposals are composed quickly, efficiently and infused with maximum creativity. We’re ROI-focused: we’ll always create campaigns with conversion rate optimization in mind. It’s your turn to be impressed with the results you’ll get.