Just Keep Livin


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Just Keep Livin (JKL) is a brand that accompanies customers on their own adventures. A menswear line by actor Matthew McConaughey, the idea to “just keep livin” exemplifies the brand’s free-spirited essence and McConaughey’s personal philosophy.

A Digital Take on Hollywood-Style Success

6S Marketing helped Just Keep Livin just keep gaining sales and media coverage across online, print, and social channels, coordinating with the timing of Oscars buzz.

A Brand for the Free-Spirited

Our story starts in February 2014, when Tinseltown was buzzing about McConaughey’s Oscar nomination for Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Navigating a Big-Screen Moment

JKL hoped to leverage the growing buzz and excitement to create awareness of their clothing line. The brand had not received significant media attention thus far, and there was a consumer disconnect between the brand and Matthew McConaughey.

JKL’s Trophy-Worthy Performance

After conducting extensive target audience research, we determined that social media was the best place to tell the JKL story — fans could keep interacting on a second screen while watching the Oscars. But the brand had very little social media presence. How did we grow JKL’s Facebook and Twitter accounts by 1,000% in just three short days?


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